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The Sweet Smell of a Successful Sale

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Scents and aromas can have a dramatic
impact on people’s emotions, otherwise
there wouldn’t be a multi-billion-dollar
fragrance industry!

Don’t ignore the power of fragrance when showing
your home. Smoke, pet odors and strong cooking
smells can dramatically impact how potential
buyers feel about your house.

If your potential buyers never form an emotional
connection to your home, chances are that they
will remain just that – potential buyers.

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Don’t allow smoking in your house for weeks
leading up to showing it, find a pet-sitter for a few
days, and clean, clean, clean!

Once you’ve removed any aromas that might
be off-putting and freshened the air in your home,
you can actually use scent to your advantage.

Consider doing some baking prior to showings.
The scent of fresh apple pie is hard to beat when it
comes to creating the atmosphere of a welcoming home!

TIP: In a pinch, a mixture of water, vanilla extract,
and brown sugar in an oven on low heat can be
used to create the pleasing aroma of fresh baking.

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To a certain extent, buyers make purchase decisions based on their emotional response, so it’s
important to make it easy for them to fall in love with your home. Pleasant smells are one more
way to do so.

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